Lucy B. of Fairfield, CT

Lucy B. of Fairfield, CT

“Ginny operates from an authentic desire to be healthy and strong. Her program mixes it up! The routines are never mundane;  always fresh and fun.  She has a deep knowledge base of exercise and safety that ensures proper guidance to prevent injury.  Ginny is an enthusiastic motivator who can provide advice on nutrition and health.”

Beth K. of Fairfield, CT

Beth K. of Fairfield, CT

“Ginny’s level of dedication is incredible for each and every person.  She constantly gives information on nutrition, exercise, and general well-being.  She will go to great lengths to help our individual needs.  She’s super positive and supportive during class and she’s a lot of fun!  Ginny is the reason why I am in really great shape and why I intentionally eat as well as I do.  She’s the best nutrition coach ever!”

What other clients say:

“Ginny is such a fun and motivating person. I seriously don’t like exercise but I actually enjoy coming to the garage and at least attempting to get myself in shape. That says a great deal.” ~ Cheryl of Fairfield, CT

“I love working out with Ginny!  Even when the workouts are hard, I appreciate all her extra effort.  I really enjoy it!” ~ Tracie of Trumbull, CT

“Today I am thankful for Ginny. I ran my first ever road race and was able to run the full 5 miles. Would never even have considered trying such a thing a year ago! Thanks to Ginny for kicking my butt!” ~ Pam of Fairfield, CT

“I love Ginny’s emails!  PLEASE PLEASE keep these coming as they are great reinforcers to keep us on the right path. I always learn something positive that I can carry into my life of getting healthy and fit.  She definitely keeps us informed and motivated.  Ginny is the one who provided me with the training, the eating habits and being accountable for my successes!  At a recent family function, I told my relatives all about bootcamp, the videos for the summer, the inspirational emails to keep us all focused and the Wednesday weigh-in’s to keep us honest over the summer.  They wanted to know where they could sign up!” ~ Melanie of Fairfield, CT

“I LOVE Ginny! I seriously I adore all she does and who she is!” ~ Cindi of Wayland, MA

“I benefit in so many ways from our exercise sessions!  Ginny is such a great instructor and supporter, and all around great friend.  Ginny is my motivation. THANK YOU again!” ~ Susie of Fairfield, CT

“I am extremely appreciative of the support Ginny gives me every day.  I am really happy to be down about 10 pounds.   I feel better and I enjoy looking a little better.  My core is stronger than it’s been in decades!  I also dropped a medication, and that is something I love to do!!”  ~ Maureen of Fairfield, CT

“Ginny is such an inspiration. Thank you for doing all you do to keep us healthy!” ~ Faith of Fairfield, CT

Ginny’s dedication to us, her cheerleading, her advice, and her passion is just amazing. I so appreciate every moment she commits to our health in body, mind, and spirit. So happy to be part of the group and team.  I can’t thank her enough for doing “Eat Clean, Train Dirty.”  I haven’t been this committed or motivated in ages.  Looking forward to continuing!!!!!  I know I need the accountability. Thank you for everything.”  ~ Amy of Fairfield, CT

“Ginny is always an inspiration with her emails, quotes, kick-ass attitude yet gentle encouraging ‘pats on the back’.” ~ Pam of Fairfield, CT

“Ginny is very insightful!  She is really a great life coach.  I sincerely mean that!  I feel better  about my body and health because of her coaching and training.” ~ Cathie of Fairfield, CT

“Ginny does an awesome job!  Ginny is like the angel I have been praying for for the last 5 years of yo yo’ing!  Right now, I am SOOO thankful I was able to join Eat Clean, Train Dirty.  I am so focused right now and feel good about working out.  I love getting tips from her.  It makes me feel that she cares (ahhh!).  It helps to know that I can reach out to her and she actually DOES care that I am stuck at a plateau or need some advice, etc.  I  have learned that I am stronger, physically, than I ever gave myself credit for.” ~ Mary of Fairfield, CT

“Ginny is amazing. I think what she has done and the changes she has facilitated with so many women is to be applauded.  “Eat Clean, Train Dirty” is a fantastic program – as evidenced by all the positive changes with a great group of women.” ~ Deirdre of Fairfield, CT

“Ginny is so inspiring for me, and for many others.  I appreciate what a wonderful life she has carved out of a difficult childhood.  Her commitment to her health, and that of others, comes from a deep understanding and passion and it shows in everything she does.    She really does an AMAZING job of training us with humor and creativity, providing top-notch nutrition information, and generally making a safe haven for everyone to feel connected and strong.  She makes a difference in the lives of all the women she touches.   What could be more important than keeping the women who run our families and our communities healthy in mind and body?” ~ Laurie of Wilton, CT

“It is time for my annual gushing of Ginny and her program!! I am amazed at the change to my upper body.  I was so weak there and now I’m so much stronger.  Ginny continues to make my quality of life better and better.  I have more energy; stand up straighter and overall am healthier.  I can’t thank her enough.  And, even better I have made a new friend.  She is an amazing person and I am thrilled to have found her!” ~ Lori of North Carolina

“I’m so in awe of Ginny every time we go to bootcamp….. I just don’t know how she does it!  She makes everyone want to come exercise, and she gives us a great workout, which keeps on getting better.  Great Job!!!!  Good times!!!!” ~ Elise of Fairfield, CT

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  1. I recently met Ginny at a Fitness Business Retreat. She is the sweetest person you will meet. I am so glad our paths crossed. She is so full of life and clearly loves what she does! And we both have a serious crush on Jimmy Fallon. She’s the best!

    • Hi Holly! Thanks so much for the compliments. And thank you for helping me with my computer issues. I’m so glad that we met. Best wishes on your website (which is awesome, BTW!). Please don’t tell others about Jimmy Fallon – we don’t want any more competition! 🙂

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